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About SavaNet®

Company Description

SavaNet LLC is an independent software vendor that develops XBRL-enabled publication and analysis software tools for use by the institutional investment community. SavaNet has adapted and enhanced XBRL for use in professional research, analysis and portfolio management applications using industry standard Microsoft Office applications and .Net development tools. SavaNet's software tools can be used independently off-the-shelf or as part of its custom StreetSide XBRL solution suite.

SavaNet Combines Unmatched Financial and XBRL Technology Expertise

SavaNet invented its patent-pending desktop XBRL financial analysis application and commercially released it in April 2005. Our time-tested platform has been continually improved since then and now stands at version 3.1.

Financial Analysis:
SavaNet's management includes senior Wall Street equity analysts and hedge fund portfolio managers giving the company unmatched financial industry experience combined with proven XBRL technology expertise.

SavaNet Has Adapted XBRL to Meet the Needs of the Institutional Investment Community

XBRL was designed by accounting system technologists for use in any business reporting solution in the world which, while resulting in an extremely flexible specification, requires XBRL implementations to add the structures necessary to meet their needs. Implementation design for professional analytical use thus requires advanced financial design and technical XBRL knowledge. SavaNet is the only company which has added all the information and structure necessary for professional analysis use and to have designed, built and released an end-to-end XBRL publication and financial analysis solution for the institutional investment community.

Contact Info

SavaNet is headquartered in New York City's financial district.

For sales and informational inquiries, contact Michael Skutinsky, Director of Marketing at

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